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We are committed to championing the works of living composers and specialize in performing works by composers based in the Rust Belt. Our artists, musicians and composers go beyond simply playing music for our concert-goers but engage and involve them in intimate and rewarding experiences. Not just limited to traditional concert spaces, we collaborate regularly with local restaurants, schools, and libraries. Our performances often involve local artists in other artistic mediums. The Syndicate for the New Arts changes the way that contemporary music is performed and experienced.

In addition to being a performance ensemble, The Syndicate continues to actively support the growth of a contemporary music community in North East Ohio. Our team assists in bringing artists to Cleveland for performances and master classes as well as collaborating and promoting the artists that call this region home.


The Syndicate is made up of a group of musicians and composers. The people behind desks are the same people on stage. We believe this is important because there is no separation between the administrative work and the craft itself.


The Syndicate is based in Cleveland, a city ripe for the arts and for its artists. Unlike many major cities in the United States, the cost of living is low in Cleveland and there are many opportunities available for creative and forward thinking artists. We believe that Cleveland and the Rust Belt are perfectly situated to accommodate contemporary musicians. Our primary goal is to recognize, perform, and record music by Rust Belt based composers.


There is great stigma attached to contemporary music in this country. It is often thought of as music for a certain group of people in academia. We believe differently. The Syndicate strives to perform music in the most accessible way possible. We wish to engage and involve our audience during performances. By performing in non-traditional spaces, involving artists in different mediums, and allowing our audiences to be a part of the music making, we hope that our audiences feel part of the ensemble.