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Call For Scores 2017

Call for Scores 2017

*Update on our Call for Scores!*

We received over 50 submissions from across the globe and were truly blown away by the scores, ideas, and people we met. We have high hopes for all of the future collaborations that will come out of this. For our summer residency and tour, we are excited to work with:

Carolyn Chen (
Jonah Haven (
Christian James (
Anthony Vine (
Bethany Younge (
Carrie Zinn

As we finalize our plans for the tour, we are also beginning our Summer Fundraiser! If you are able, please consider donating to help us fund the exciting projects we have coming up and support new music in Cleveland.

(More details will be coming soon, but as always, feel free to reach out to us for more information on where your donations will go! We want to be as transparent as possible in this process, and hope to hear from you.)

The Syndicate for the New Arts is excited to announce its first ever Call for Scores! We are looking forward to not only expanding our repertoire but also meeting new collaborators and making new friends in the process. Just as important as the submitted scores, we hope that this process leads to new relationships with composers and future collaborations.

This summer, our core ensemble will gather for 2 weeks in Cleveland to develop and rehearse a complete program of new works. This process will culminate in a tour throughout the Rust Best and a recording session.


What we are looking for

We want to emphasize that we are very flexible in this search.


  • Guitar (electric, steel string, nylon string)
  • Harp
  • Double bass
  • 2 Percussionists*

*because we are taking this program on tour, we are limited to instruments we can bring in a mini-van. This could include many things, but it will not include timpani or a marimba, and a vibraphone is questionable. Please write us if you have questions regarding availability of percussion instruments (

We are accepting

  • Pieces for our quintet, and subsets of it (with a preference for quintets, quartets, and trios)
  • Pieces for nonspecific/open instrumentation
  • Pieces that include instruments outside of our quintet

The Syndicate is a modular, contemporary chamber ensemble based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our focus is to champion living composers and works written in the Rust Belt and other post-industrial cities in the United States. Even if your piece doesn’t work for our summer project, we still want to get to know you and your music and may want to perform it in the future.


Please submit 1 or 2 scores or proposals. We are accepting

  • through-composed music
  • structured improvisations
  • text pieces, graphic scores
  • indeterminate music
  • proposals for pieces to be developed collaboratively during our Cleveland residency
  • drafts or incomplete works (must be completed by mid June)
  • pieces that you would like to revise to fit our ensemble (must be completed by mid June)


how to submit

We want to encourage as many submissions as possible, so our “application” is free, short and flexible. Our hope is to see a window into who you are as a human being, as opposed to the typical artist biography of awards found in a concert program.

Please fill out this application form

Please upload a pdf of your score(s) to Google Drive or Dropbox and provide a link in the application.

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2017 by end of the day (But we would really like to hear from you sooner!)

Contact us at with any questions or comments.

About The Syndicate

The Syndicate’s mission is to work with emerging composers, champion new works from post-industrial cities in the United States, and present new music in an exciting and accessible manner.

The Syndicate is in a privileged position to be able to choose the work we program, and we would like to acknowledge the power that we have. We believe that musicians’ age, race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, and geography are intrinsically tied to their craft, and that programs that celebrate contrasting perspectives, experiences, and worldviews create productive and exciting events.